Sunday, June 2, 2013

Long time, no update.

Okay, so I haven't updated this in, like, a year and a fair bit has happened since then.  The game kept going through the summer, sporadically, and a couple of cast members changed.  Jordan took Muscles and Logan Farr, David, the alcoholic fighter, became the favorite character to pass around, and after the LEGO Robotics season, Aidan's brother Jaren started coming as well.  Since then we've added Nolan as a regular player, his keenness for LEGO is unbounded.

As for challenges, a lot of stories got wrapped up.

I'll let the gang some of the story in (one of the best parts of this is seeing how they retell the story) but the Nolah (from 100 Bushels of Rye fame) was defeated after nearly eating Gabriel (Liam's alt) and the Dwarven Battlesword blade was retrieved and now has a smart new hilt thanks to Brail.  Socrates, now played by Jaren felt the call of Envir and became a Cleric who was instrumental in the party's survival, but just when the party thought they could take a break they found that their village had been attacked and occupied by a group of cattle-rustling bandits.  Led by a one-eyed scoundrel named Philip (I can't wait until these guys are old enough to read or watch TWD and get all the references) the rustlers fought tooth and nail to defeat the party but Gryphon and Brail's combat puissance helped them overcome the ne-er-do-wells. They rescued FX, the Lanian Cleric, from his closet captivity and reacquainted themselves with Dhon Ydew (Honeydew) the dwarf, who had been duped into believing Philip's gang were allied with the group.  Showing mercy on two of the rogues the party took Philip, Garez and Abell into custody and escorted them into Olokand with some difficulty.

Meanwhile the quest to rescue Sir Hector continued.  After defeating a Gojanni patrol the group was accosted by bow-armed rebels based out of the forest and forced to give up some of their loot.  They did continue into Kiban directly and turned over the 'Eye of Ilme,' half of  a magical item that the Lord of Eastmarch had previously bound much of his power, something he'd given up at the end of the Dragon War. The race is now on to find the other half.

Most of the party, sans Legolot, caught wind of a manhunt for the renegade murderer and left town to collect Muscles, the horses and return to the woods to join Bald Boromir and his rag-tag group of misfit insurgents.

Jordan and Tanner competed to get the xp bonus for the ensuing session:  Here's Jordan's:

Time Line of What Happened to the Mismatched Party

The Group brought half of the magical ring to the Lord of Eastmarsh which saved Sir Hector. Meanwhile, Muscles feasted on rabbits and scares away Gypsies while Legolot foolishly tried to gain atonement by cutting off his hair and attempting to steal the donation box. The group could have used several different strategies to save Sir. Hector including Ysam’s messaging bird which could have evolved into the stealthy members of the group entering the castle from the river. However, we have saved Sir. Hector left the city without Legolot, and messaged him to exit.

Returning to the Rebel camp they found that their horses were moaning for some feed. Muscles, Domelan, and Garth were energized and willing to retrieve food for the group so they left the pack in search of a promising field two to three leagues away. After reaching the field, two of the king’s archers immediately spotted them. The first Ranger raised his arm and the second drew his bow. Shivers of fear ran down the characters backs. Peaceful diplomacy failed.

The Rangers ordered the group to drop all their weapons. Muscles and the Priest did as asked while Domelan attempted to conceal a weapon. The Guards did not fall for the trick and the weapon fell.    The fear of ultimate and untimely death to set in on the group. The Rangers ordered Garth to tie the hands of Muscles and Domelan. Quick thinking by Muscles caused him to seek out the prejudice in one of the guards, testing the guard’s honour by requesting a hand to hand combat battle. Courage is the only thing driving these characters now. The Conniving Domelan understood the plan completely and readied his sling while the other ranger readied his bow. As the priest looked around he saw the horses causally feeding on the bush. Muscles was given three rounds to break free of the bonds. He first tries to untie the knots, fails. He tries to jump over his hands, fails. The priest took a gamble and deposited a knife into Muscles' belt which was rejected before because of fear. In his third and final attempt Muscles attempted to cut the rope, missed and failed miserably. The plot realized, the bowman fired but before he could get a shot off Domelan used his one shot sling to stun the bowman. Muscles managed to get the second Ranger to the ground and grappled him, pulling one arm around the neck of the ranger in an attempt to subdue him. The first ranger shot blindly and hit the priest. Domelan attempted to use  as a makeshift bow and cut himself. All the while the horses were still grazing as if laughing at the folly around them. Reversing the choke, the ranger under Muscles got out of the hold and pushed Muscles to the ground. Domelan charges the bowman and eventually defeats him while Muscles begins to rage. Hack and slash. After triple-teaming the last enemy he is defeated. “Muscles sleep now” is heard throughout the valley. We tie them up and that is where the Mismatch Group ends there journey until another day. 

This could have been all avoided if the group had stuck together and focused without trying to micromanage the situation to play around the chatter at the table. However, all is well and the horses can graze while their mysterious intellect baffles the observant.

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